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Discussion Yakuza 6 Memories "For Faith"

on 1/4/2018, 6:04 am
Today I stopped across something interesting. In the original Yakuza 4 release they cut the Voice from the For Faith Intro (Like most of the times the intros get changed). But if I play the Yakuza 6 Demo and choose Memories on the Main Menu the Yakuza 4 Recap has the original For Faith playing in the background. So it was no Copyright issue back the time Yakuza 4 released? Or is Yakuza 4 old enough and the Song can be used freely now?
I'm not sure about this, so what do you think about it?

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Discussion Re: Yakuza 6 Memories "For Faith"

on 13/4/2018, 2:34 am
Actually if you installed Yakuza 4, it plays the 'For Faith' (with vocals) on loop until the installation ends. The song itself was created internally at Sega and was performed by series composer, Hidenori Shoji along with Takenobu Mitsuyoshi (Daytona USA "Let's go away!")
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