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Discussion I don't get it...

on 26/7/2018, 12:31 pm
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Why are so many people bagging on this game? More specifically the story. Well, I for one loved it. As someone who's never played a Yakuza game, I was able to follow along rather painlessly. Just pass attention and give it time. It will usually explain or give some measure of context to what is going on. Sure, the big bad was a bit of a headscratcher in that he really wasn't a part of the story until the last 10% or so of the game. And people aren't happy that a couple of series regulars aren't in the game, but alas, I don't know their names. From everything I've read both Yakuza 0 and Yakuza 5 are either the worst or the best of the series. Maybe I'll agree with everyone else once I've played more of the series, but for now I think Yakuza 6 is an amazing game.
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Discussion Re: I don't get it...

on 26/7/2018, 2:49 pm
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It's a good game, but I found the story not as good as the other Yakuza games. The characters that were missing are fan favorites of the series, and Majima a personal fave off mine (aside from Kiyru) so seeing their relationship not being resolved or barely touched upon was disappointing. Also the final boss was just thrown in, no lead up to his rivalry with Kiyru.

The combat wasn't as satisfying as the others either, especially (and lackoff) the heat actions.

Good game, but it fell flat at times.

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Discussion Re: I don't get it...

on 18/8/2018, 11:55 pm
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Personally, and I think Yakuza 2 is the best game in the series. That said yeah, everything @STRANGEgenius mentioned sort of sums it. I think if you play through the series, you can understand, at least from a story standpoint, why people were not satisfied with the game. That said, it wasn't bad and even though it's the worst of the main series, it's competing with 6 fucking fantastic games.

A lot of people hold the series to a high standard, so yeah.

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Discussion Re: I don't get it...

on 12/2/2019, 7:47 am
The story of Yakyuza 6 is a bit better than 5 I would say, much less of a mess and better characters, but the gameplay I didn't find as good as 5 so I find it hard to decide which one to rank higher (although both I rank among the lowest in the franchise(which isn't to say they're bad!)) One problem of 6 is that it has to continue from 5. Haruka shouldn't have told everyone about Kiryu in the middle of the concert, it was heartwarming in a way but she had to have known she would also get a lot of flak for it? And Kiryu should not have elected to take his punishment and serve his 3 years, he already knew that prison doesn't make you clean, you can never go back to a truly normal life anyway, so why effectively abandon the kids for 3 years.
Then Haruka runs off and gets herself pregnant on what I must assume is her first lay. Then a regular conspiracy-style plot unfolds from there which is pretty typical for the series, except it doesn't involve most of the established characters, instead it brings in a bunch of new ones, culminating with an ending that... I don't like. Either go all the way good ending or all the way bad. Not a cop-out please.
Overall it's still good but standard and not worthy of being the FINALE to Kazuma Kiryu. As any other game in the series it's good, as the ending, not so much.
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Discussion Re: I don't get it...

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