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Spoilers The Dragon of Dojima slips out of view.....

13/4/2018, 2:27 am
Sums it up pretty nicely...........

This game is not perfect, there is some complaints about lack of the usual content, usual characters, smaller Kamurocho etc....

Forget all that and sit back and enjoy Kazuma kiryu's final instalment in the Ryu Ga Gotoku series.
This is Kiryu's story (and to a certain extent Haruka's). I was honestly gripped by the story! forget for now the usual faces and enjoy the huge range of new characters, megastar Takeshi Kitano for one and their backstories,
explore Onomichi a mysterious magical place, you will want to visit!
Kamurocho may be slightly smaller than usual but its the most realistic its ever looked (I've been several times) you can seamlessly wander in and out of the buildings now, don't rush through the streets, just take your time soaking up the atmosphere! don't forget to get some photos (and selfies) with your cell phone!
Pool, bowling, gambling, weapons creation etc etc.... are missing but I did not miss them, this time around, they'll be back later in the series no doubt better than ever!
The new activity's I enjoyed most were the "Izakaya" locals and their substories, Clan creator, Baseball, the Fishing trips, and the live chat is a good laugh.

I played the Japanese version...... it seems that the localisation team are doing a great job getting the quirky Japaneseness of the game across so I look forward to receiving my special edition next week, I've got some Suntory Hibiki for those dragon glasses to toast farewell to Kazuma Kiryu!........ Kanpie old friend!
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