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Yakuza 3's Ultimate Skill Challenges  Empty Yakuza 3's Ultimate Skill Challenges

13/4/2018, 7:16 am
These Challenges in Yakuza 3 are kinda interesting. Did you know that there's a mission where you fight 3 Lau Ka Longs at once together with Rikiya or another with Majima together against
Yakuza 3 Final Boss Spoiler:
There's also a mission where you need to fight a Lightspeed Komaki who will destroy you for sure. He could be the hardest Boss out of all Yakuza Games.
I think Yakuza 3 did a good job with all the Ultimate Skill Challenges. Did you ever try to beat everyone of them and did anyone defeat Komaki from Ultimate Round 4?

Yakuza 3's Ultimate Skill Challenges  KSsDcbF
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