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Question Got a script of Judgement of modelling and tool?

on 27/11/2019, 2:10 am
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Hello, I'm talking to the artist or better, 3d users who are do all modelling programs. I apologize if my information is negative for this topic. I'd like to know if there is a possibility the files in Judgement arrive yet? What about Judgement tool A file you extract and rig with bones and texture so hopefully, convert to XPS ( Xnalara Posing Studio) for any artworks whatever you desire. Never heard of XPS? Well now's your lucky day cos you are gonna learn one day and get you excited. Of course, there are many tutorials.


We need more Ryu ga Gotoku/ Yakuza models and stages for this gallery. If you know anyone who's related to that, please contact me after reading this topic. My DA ( Deviantart ID is Hatredboy.. I might be artist but I am converted who can import only fbx files or pmd,mmd to XPS from Blender to XPS.

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Got a script of Judgement of modelling and tool? Maxresdefault
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