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Discussion An update of #SaveIshin ! We have a hashtag now!

22/6/2018, 4:38 am
Hey! Hope 'ya checked out my last post about the Twitter hashtag called #SaveIshin.

I've realized that while a Twitter hashtag is a fantastic way to get something, there's still a way that carries significantly more weight! A petition! So that's what I did.


If you people want a localization of Yakuza Ishin, this is probably the most definitive answer you could give! Join us and our adventure to get the adventure of Ryoma!
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Discussion Re: An update of #SaveIshin ! We have a hashtag now!

23/6/2018, 7:43 am
I don't think Ishin will be localized, it's too late now for it as well. I'd be more surprised if they ever did bring it to the West, as much as I want to play it.

OG Post wrote:Q: What are the chances that Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan or Ishin would be localised in the future? [Fan question]

SS: OH NO, this question. It remains an issue of having the manpower, time, and literal space on the calendar and on the retail shelves to put it somewhere. We’ve been delivering two Yakuza games a year, and I think that’s pretty good? I hear a lot of requests for these two, Hokuto, 3,4, and 5 ports, and some people are still even asking about Black Panther... on the PSP. Oh, not to mention whatever RGG Studios is working on next, right? We’re doing the best we can to keep up and to give each title the love and care they deserve.


An update of #SaveIshin ! We have a hashtag now! NRmZEhy

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