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Discussion List of cut content in Western version(s)

on 7/2/2018, 3:04 pm
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I don't like to start filling the void, let alone reopen old wounds to do it, but, I feel this is just asking for reiteration.
To this very day, out of all the localized entries, Yakuza 3 has suffered the most, both from a narrative and thematic standpoint.
We may never know what exactly drove them to do this, but it may be due to how SEGA misinterpreted the lack of demonstrations
or, rather, their lack of interest in looking for Westerners playing them in the localizations, as them being disposable.

Of course, if past experience has taught us anything, it's that you don't draw in a new audience by taking away from what is already there;
sure,  most of us would take it all out on hapless city thugs, gangsters, snot-nosed criminals, or plain ol' idiots, but, part of the reason that
we would play these games to begin with is because we can experience Japanese culture not even an extravagant free-and-easy trip
would allow us. As an example, hostess clubs cannot be visited unless you are a Japanese citizens, amongst others.



  • Shogi (You won't be able to play against Haruka)
  • Mahjong
  • Answer X Answer
  • Hostess/Cabaret Clubs -- Romances, Management
  • Massage Parlours
  • Pachinko
2-Player Co-op DLC
Survival Tag DLC (Y4's loc didn't have it as well...)
Link bonuses from Ryuu ga Gotoku Kenzan

Side Missions (22 out of 123):

• Relevant characters, cut scenes missing
A few of these cuts are particularly egregious since they were supposed to be CONTINUATIONS of
(sub)story arcs that were previously untouched in Y2, or variations there of, as well as how
some of them may as well be missing links to some of the people you encounter in Y4.
In fact, there IS such a one.:
In Y4, as Kiryu, talk to the couple in front of the MEB.
The person on the left will have a spat with you about who was up to shenanigans in town the year before;
he asserts it was his partner's fault, but you reply it's him who is in the wrong.
Then he remembers you're supposed to be the third member of what's meant to be their duo.
Said episode is missing from Y3 (not RGG3).
Said substories will be indicated in parenthesis, with their localized titles.
Also, these substories could be SPOILERS for those who have yet to play Ryuu ga Gotoku 3.

This was OPTIONAL filler!!!:


Chapter 3

  • I Wanna Go to Tokyo pt. 1 (東京に行きたい 第一話)
  • The Brewer's Treasure (酒造家の宝)
  • Make the No. 1 Cabaret Club Girl! (No. 1キャバ嬢をつくろう!) {Yes, THAT optional side-activity in Y4}

Chapter 4

  • English Conversation Solicitor step.1 (英会話の勧誘 step.1)
  • English Conversation Solicitor step.2 (英会話の勧誘 step.2)
  • Love's Cupid (恋のキューピッド)
  • Love's Cupid Continues (続・恋のキューピッド)
  • Love's Cupid's Continuation Continues (続続・恋のキューピッド)
  • A Trip Before Marriage (婚前旅行) [The Man Who Never Learns]


Chapter 5

  • Manga Artist Debut (漫画家デビュー) [The Manga Artist, actually this is more of a spiritual successor if anything else, but whatever]
  • The Runaway Telephone Club Girl (テレクラ家出娘)
  • I Wanna Go to Tokyo pt. 2 (東京に行きたい 第二話)
  • Encyclopaedic King Showdown (うんちく王決定戦)
  • Is It About Me? (俺のこと?)
  • Club Koakuma's Rina Ayukawa (Club Koakuma の「鮎川りな」)

Chapter 6

  • A Mollifying Yakuza (癒し系ヤクザ)

Chapter 9

  • Tokyo Invasion: Mars Fighter (東京侵略 火星ファイター) [The Troubled Comedy Duo]

Chapter 10

  • Love's Cupid - The Finale (恋のキューピッド 完結編)
  • I Wanna Go to Tokyo pt. 3 (東京に行きたい 第三話)
  • English Conversation Solicitor step.3 (英会話の勧誘 step.3)
  • English Conversation Solicitor step.4 (英会話の勧誘 step.4)
  • The Couple Who Wouldn't Learn (懲りないの二人)

Costumes (EU only)

5 Trophies (They are connected to the cut content, I could only assume)

Magazine Browsing (You can't examine what they contain)
You can no longer give Taichi the Young Magazines in Chapter 10.

I'm not sure how much I would enjoy these activities, barring the trivia game (Answer X Answer), but I can sympathise with those who were enraged by
their removals; sometimes you want to take a break from the fighting, or just feel like trying something new. And, once you realize that those opportunities
have been taken away... Words cannot pinpoint just how contemptuous and estranging that is.



Opening Theme
JP: Loser
EN: Fly (Short ver.)

Chapter 11 Insert Song
JP: Jikan yo Tomare
replaced with standard music in EN version

JP: Omoi ga Afuretara
replaced with
EN: Tears of Father ~Overseas Version~ w/ medley

MEB (Men's Entertainment Box):
You could find out more about the Cabaret Club Girls, like their blood type, what they like, etc, etc.
You don't get any of that in the loc.

Some items have practically no use in the loc no thanks to the omission/neutering of the locations related to the cuts.

Problematic translation:
Name changes, some of which carried over from Y1/Y2.
Questionable sign readings
Topics of racism/cultural imposition toned down, if not excised
The English subtitles look more along the lines of a second-rate dub, rather than an honest interpretation of what is being said, or even happening.

Minimal to non-existent Promotion/Marketing/Advertisement
Horrible Box Art Cover/B&W Manual
SEGA of America released the loc within the same period as AAA titles, as opposed to waiting it out for culturally "quieter" times

It might not seem as much to someone who is nonchalant or lives in their own world, but, when you tally it all up...
That's about 20% of game missing, and... for what good cause? In fact, the localization of this game caused so much fan/customer outroar,
it actually resulted in the series producer giving a mea culpa, along with making amends, which would involve
changing (most of) the names back to their original ones, as well as more prudent handling of the subject matter in later installments.
What takes top precedent here, however, is how virtually no content would be suppressed or changed, unless bringing them over
would require knocking down legal or linguistic doors. (E.g.: AXA is not playable in the loc'd Y4/YDS, opening and ending music still replaced)

At present, there does not seem to any threat of any future Yakuza localizations getting crippled in the same way that Y3 did, if not worse.
Still, it pays to mull over the past to find out how we can prevent like tragedies from coming to pass in the future.

It also turns out that the localization of Y3 was not done internally at SEGA of America, but by an unknown outsourced American company. That company getting their just desserts is basically a pipe dream at this point, but at least their being ignored means they won't come take another stab at the series again.

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Discussion Re: List of cut content in Western version(s)

on 7/2/2018, 3:38 pm
This is a well written list, nice!

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Discussion Re: List of cut content in Western version(s)

on 7/2/2018, 3:46 pm
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Michael wrote:This is a well written list, nice!

Thank you. Actually, it's a modified version of a list I read about in the SEGA forums for Yakuza, which are now defunct.
The page is still archived, as well as the links included, but my only just having registered prevents me from posting the links.
Same goes for the depiction of the cut content itself; the only way I can give hard evidence is through online videos.
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Discussion Re: List of cut content in Western version(s)

on 7/2/2018, 4:52 pm
It's a shame about Yakuza 3.

Really neat idea for a thread! I'd like to see a list for Kiwami 2 in the future. I know there was some cut content with Kiwami 2 when compared to Yakuza 2. Not really a region thing though.

List of cut content in Western version(s) KzGToXk
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Discussion Re: List of cut content in Western version(s)

on 9/2/2018, 7:36 am
I was wondering why there was a Mahjong Camp that I could enter but nothing to interact with. I can enter the building but I can't play Mahjong. I see the Hostess Clubs on the map even the Changed Camera Angle when aproaching the buildings is still there but I can't enter them. Hostesses are in Smile Burger and still have their heart bar but it's useless. If everything they cut would be back in, Yakuza 3 would instantly become one of my favourites that's for sure.

List of cut content in Western version(s) KSsDcbF
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Discussion Re: List of cut content in Western version(s)

on 12/2/2018, 12:17 pm
That list is the reason why I just didn't bother with the western version of the game and went straight for the import.
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Discussion Re: List of cut content in Western version(s)

on 23/3/2018, 6:05 am
This List makes me sad. Thanks to @CREEPnCRAWL I found the Yakuza 3 review where real Yakuza review the game. The parts they like most are cut from the western release and their reaction to this could be mine :D I need this game again but uncut with a proper translation.

List of cut content in Western version(s) KSsDcbF
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Discussion Re: List of cut content in Western version(s)

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